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5 Tips for Moving House in Winter

moving house in winter

There are both benefits and disadvantages to moving house in the winter. The most obvious negative point is that the cold weather can cause delays, with icy roads and the risk of snow all potential factors to cause havoc on moving day.

However, these risks are the very reason less people move house in winter – meaning a big reduction on waiting times and prices for removals companies at this time of year. If you’ve decided that winter is the best time for you to move house, check out our 5 top tips to moving in winter below.


  • Plan ahead

Planning ahead is important at any time of the year, but particularly in winter when no one wants to be outside in the cold for long! Agree the time and date that your removals company will arrive at, and agree a specified route that will not be affected by icy weather conditions.

It is also useful to prepare an inventory of what is to be moved on the day, as this avoids anything – or anyone – being left behind in the cold!


  • Check the weather forecasts

It’s useful to regularly check the weather forecasts when you’re moving in winter, as temperatures can quickly drop and lead to a risk of snow or icy conditions. Monitor the weather forecast in the upcoming weeks before your set moving day to allow you to be flexible and potentially change the date if the weather looks particularly bad.


  • Clear the driveway

Large removals vans can have trouble getting into your driveway if it’s icy or covered in snow, so gritting the surface or clearing the way can be a great help. This will also reduce any time delays and allow your belongings to be packed up and moved quicker.


  • Use durable packing materials

Boxes can get wet or damaged from poor weather conditions such as rain, making the job as packing and moving your belongings that much harder. Using durable packing materials will ensure your belongings stay secure; here at Barnes of Lincoln, we can provide a range of high quality packing boxes and materials to ensure your property stays protected.


  • Hire an experienced removals company

When dealing with difficult weather conditions in winter, having an experienced removals company to rely on can be a great help with reducing the stress and time a move takes. With over 90 years’ experience in the removals business, we’ve helped people move house in all weather conditions, and can expertly apply our knowledge to any situation.

Here at Barnes of Lincoln we’re happy to provide advice on any queries you may have, so if you want to discuss your upcoming move, contact us today or fill in an online quote form.

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