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Moving Plants to Your New Home

As the big moving day approaches, you’ll no doubt have many tasks to tick off your to-do list. Chances are, packing up your plant pots and getting them prepped before you relocate, is not at the top of your priorities. It may or may not come as a surprise that moving house can be tough on our leafy friends too, as it can cause them a lot of stress. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that this is not the case and all flora remains happy and healthy. That’s why this month, Barnes of Lincoln are here to guide you through moving house with plants – one more thing you can then tick off your moving checklist!


The selection process

Although the temptation may be to take each and every flower and shrub you own, to round up all of your beloved plants is really not possible. Outdoor plants, in particular, won’t survive the journey, so you’re better off leaving these to the next fortunate occupant. You’ll even find that packing up your indoor houseplants is tricky and space becomes an issue.

If you do have to wave goodbye to a few of your flowers, why not gift them to a friend or neighbour? That way you’ll know they are going to a good home. Or if you can’t take the whole plant, take a clipping, this will re-grow before you know it. 


Plant preparation

For any of your outdoor-based shrubs, bushes or trees, you may not have much leeway, but there are more preferable times of year to move these and factors to consider. It’s best to not touch plants during the summer, the temperature is high and the air is dry and humid which means that the roots are subject to maximum sun exposure. Alternatively, cold weather will often cause frost damage. Harsh drops in temperature are a big threat to any delicate plants you may have – you’ll need to wait until they’ve survived this tough period. 

Indoor plants can be moved at any time, but again, just be cautious as plants can dry out, especially when they’ve been uprooted. For both space and practicality, try to trim back any excess leaves or stems, especially if they are dead. It’s likely these may even snap off in transit, so it’s best to avoid any unnecessary damage where possible.


Plant containers and storage

To avoid a load that’s too heavy, it’s best to transfer plants from weighty terracotta pots into lightweight plastic planters. Plastic is notoriously hardy when it comes to moving, and prevents cracked pottery and large, messy heaps of spilt soil. It’s also important to make sure the plant is tightly packed and secured, if it starts to rattle around in a box, the chances are it won’t survive the journey. Think about padding in and around the container, and make a note of which box contains what, so it can be handled with caution and care.

It’s also important to speak with your removals company beforehand and be sure to give plenty of detail on what you’ll be moving. This will give them time to make the necessary arrangements to cater for your potted friends and ensure a smooth transition.

Likewise, with storage, it’s worth speaking to your removals company to see if these can be left and looked after with your other items, as this may vary from company to company.


Re-establishing newly moved plants

No plant or shrub likes to be moved, and just like us, they will also suffer some level of stress when uprooted and transported. That’s why technique and aftercare is so important. Make sure you unpack plants as soon as you can and avoid keeping them in the car any longer than necessary. 

The fun part is then choosing where to place your plant. If indoors, think about where your windows are, and for outdoor plants, suss out the sunny and shady spots, and decide on where the plants will most likely flourish. Lastly, provide them with plenty of water and both you and your flora will be settled in no time!

 green leafed plant

If you’re looking for a trusted and dedicated removals team at affordable prices, speak to Barnes of Lincoln today. We ensure that every move is carried out to your needs and specifications and that all fragile and personal belongings are handled with the utmost care. For more information on any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We operate throughout Lincoln, Newark & beyond.


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