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Removals: Top Tips For Hard To Access Properties

Not all moves encountered in the removals business go as smoothly as planned, many people have awkward or hard to access properties or the property itself presents problems. While many companies will help you to get around these issues, you need to inform your removals company before the move – preferably before you even agree to the service – in order to give them enough time to work out how they will tackle your move.

There are several different ways in which your property can present a problem for removals companies, here are a few of the main ones:

  • Narrow Road – A narrow road leading up to your property will mean that a removals van can’t make it close enough to your house. In this instance you should let the team know well in advance so that they can prepare for this with trolleys, smaller vans and more bodies.
  • On An Island – While there aren’t many homes on an inaccessible island, there are a few properties located on islands in rivers or lakes. In this case, special transportation has to be arranged to move your possessions.
  • Countryside – The countryside is an idyllic place to live for many people but it can be tricky for removal companies. Steep hills and country roads form part of the problem here, but if coupled with inclement weather it can be even trickier than you’d imagine.
  • Narrow Doors, Windows & Stairs – Even if the paths and roads leading to your home are easy to traverse, narrow doorways and narrow windows will make it difficult to get things out of your home and into the moving vans. A narrow or small staircase can also create difficulties which you might not have previously imagined.

How Can You Make Things Easier?

Firstly, as mentioned earlier in this article, it’s a good idea to inform your removals company about any aspects of your move which might present problems. This includes letting them know about any large, delicate or oddly shaped items such as pianos.

Your furniture will no doubt be the largest things to move and you can help solve a lot of problems by taking them apart. Obviously you should only do this if the item actually comes apart and you are confident in putting it back together again. Once taken apart, these bits and pieces are easier to carry and are more likely to fit through doorways and down stairs.

Finally, you can help out your removals company by preparing yourself properly for the move. Break furniture down early and ensure your boxes are packed and labelled. The more organised you can be the more efficient a removals team can be.

At Barnes of Lincoln we like to think that we can assist with any move, no matter how tricky. If you think you need special assistance or if you’d like to enquire about how we can assist you in your move simply contact our professional and friendly team today.


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