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Moving house with children – Parent survival guide

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When you’re planning to move house it can be one of the most stressful events you’ll face in life, add moving with the kids to that and you’ve got a real handful to deal with. It can be confusing and unsettling for your children too but if you plan the move properly and do some preparation you can make the whole thing hassle-free.

Get the kids involved

This might sound like the last thing you want to do, but by letting them do a few simple things such as putting their toys into a box or putting some of their most treasured things into their backpack you make them feel involved. They will automatically feel more comfortable with the move knowing they have helped and that their favourite things are close to hand.

The first room you set up should be your child’s, even if you just hang their curtains and make their bed, this gives them a place to settle in while you take care of other matters. Toys will help to keep them occupied and makes the transition from one bedroom to another a lot smoother.

Plan a day away

If you feel like the move might be too stressful for your children, or if you think they will be too easily excited therefore likely to get in the way, then plan for them to stay with a friend or relative. They can have a fun sleep-over while you get all the crucial parts of your move sorted, you’ll find you get things done quicker without having to worry about where your little ones are and whether they’re being kept occupied. To make it more adventurous you could have a day away at a theme park or by the seaside in the week leading up to the move to take their mind off the process – it might even help you too!

Prepare them for the move

By talking to your children about the impending move you make it less of a startling event for them, they will get more time to accept the move and hopefully feel more comfortable about it. If you can, take them to the new home to get them to look around and explore any garden areas, by showing them their new surroundings it will be less daunting once you finally move in.

On the moving day itself, make sure you have packed plenty of food and drink, you might not have pulled together all your proper shopping but at least you can combat the inevitable groans about hunger and thirst.

Bring in the professionals

The final stage to making everything run as smoothly as possible is to trust a professional removals company such as Barnes of Lincoln. You’ll find you save time and money by having someone with more experience take the reins, allowing you to ensure your children are well looked after and manage other aspects of moving house. Professional movers have all the right materials and can help you pack, keeping your valuable and delicate items protected from start to finish.

Here at Barnes of Lincoln we provide comprehensive home removals whether you’re going to the other end of the country or just down the road. We make things as stress-free as possible and help you with every stage of the removals process – simply contact us today to learn more about how our friendly, professional service can help you.

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