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Cool Things to Make With Unwanted Moving Boxes

After your move you will probably be left with the odd few boxes and no idea what to do with them, after all, unpacking can take time. To simply throw them out seems a waste and there could be too many to even fit into your recycling bin, which is why we have created a list of fun alternative uses for your leftover moving boxes.

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Christmas Decorations

At this time of year it is easy to get into the festive spirit, so cut up your left over boxes and make decorations for the holidays. You can get creative and make snowflakes or simply make colourful and decorative designs to hang from your tree with thread. Other festive shapes include Christmas stockings, snowmen and present-shaped squares.

Advent Calendars

Another festive idea, but such a simple one, too. You might not be able to put chocolates inside (unless you’re feeling creative) but you can still count down the days until Christmas by neatly cutting 25 boxes into a sheet of cardboard, closing them so that when the day comes you can open it. Be sure to decorate your sheet with festive images and things which symbolise the festive period best for you.


You don’t have to be a creative artist to make a simple fort from cardboard boxes; simply stack and attach them to one another to make a cool den for your kids to play in. Should you have the skill, you can cut up the boxes to create shapes such as castles or add a window to make a little house. If your kids like the hideaway enough you could get them to help you paint it to give them something creative to do.

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Whether you are a kid or just an adult with a childish sense of humour you can create amazing costumes with cardboard boxes. Some popular options are robots, cars, foods and, for the more imaginative, dinosaurs. Paint the boxes accordingly and build them around your child’s body to make a good fit, and they will be the envy of everyone at the next fancy dress party they attend.

Musical Instruments

Like the previous ideas, this suggestion can be taken as far as you’d like to go with it. You can simply create different sized boxes and get the kids to use them as a drum kit or go for something more intricate by making a guitar. You’ll need a tube and some elastic bands, but once stretched out and pinned at each end to resemble a guitar they will give a playful strumming sound when plucked.

…or they could continue to be storage?

The most useful idea is often the dullest, but you’ll surely need a way to store items in the loft or garage of your new home, and the boxes which helped you move – provided they are still intact – can be used to store those possessions. It will protect your things from dust and any damp and is an excellent way to recycle those pesky boxes.

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At Barnes of Lincoln we can provide you with all the packing materials you need to move including boxes and packaging – what you choose to do with them once you’re done unpacking will be up to you! We also have a partnership which sees us take on a green policy of ensuring that our customers can return boxes and cardboard packaging back to us. Simply flatten your boxes, bag them up and bring them to us, and if you can’t reach us we can collect them from you. Our dedicated recycling system will then ensure the materials are reused once again! So even if the above ideas don’t excite then you’ll still be able to get rid of and recycle those boxes.

So to find out more about any of the services on offer here at Barnes of Lincoln, including storage, packaging materials or removals, give Barnes of Lincoln a call today!

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