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Checklist for moving out of Student Accommodation

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Moving into halls is an exciting time for any student, but when the time comes to move out, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you leave the property in the same condition as you originally found it. Not only is it good practice but it’ll help you to ensure you get back your full deposit. This month, Barnes of Lincoln have put together a checklist which covers all the things you should remember to do before handing in the keys. 

 Student moving out flat on sofa

Things to remember

Pack smart – label your boxes and use bubble wrap to protect fragile items

  • Update your address – you want to make sure your post gets to you and you only
  • Donate and recycle – clear out as you go, don’t take stuff you don’t need with you
  • Consider storage facilities – if you’re going back to university in a couple of months you may wish to put your belongings into storage, to save yourself time and hassle
  • Use sturdy moving boxes – to best protect your belongings, use proper moving boxes that you can get from your local moving company
  • Speak to your local moving professionals – they will be able to talk you through their student removal services

Room by room checklist 


Your bedroom is likely to store the majority of your belongings, including clothes, shoes, books, electronics, jewellery – so with this in mind, it’s good to start here.

Use boxes or bags to neatly pack your clothes and shoes, and as you go, consider whether it’s something you still wear, and if not, put it aside and take it to a charity shop/textiles recycling centre.

Packing clothes in moving boxes
For electronics, you may wish to use cable ties to prevent tangles and allow for nicely compact boxes. If you have old mobile phones, laptops, hair straighteners that are no longer wanted but are still working, you could either sell them online for cash or send them off to be recycled.

To keep necklaces knot-free during transit, thread the chain through a straw and fasten. For rings, pop into small jewellery bags and keep bracelets in zip lock bags. Keep earrings together by placing them through a button and place them into a jewellery pouch. 

Books can be cumbersome and in large quantities — very heavy. Be aware of how many books you are placing into one box. Try to spread your books out into a number of different boxes and place them face down at the bottom.

Once your room is all packed up in boxes and bags, it’s time to dust, wipe down surfaces and vacuum.


Packing china, glassware, mugs, cutlery and kitchen appliances can be an arduous task, so to ensure you kitchenware makes it from A to B safely – get the bubble wrap at the ready. Now is the perfect time to sift through items that are damaged or unused – having a clear out just before moving is a great way to ensure that you only take what you need with you.

When you have packed everything of yours in the kitchen, remember to remove food from the fridge/freezer, take the bins out, clear surfaces, vacuum and give the oven a deep clean. 


Recycle old, empty bottles and pack up your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner and body wash into a large wash bag. Disinfect the surfaces and open a window to ventilate the room before leaving.

Communal areas   

Give the hallway a quick vacuum and check to see you have all of your belongings. 

Hand the keys back

Follow the protocol stated in your signed agreement and remember to give your keys back.

Take the stress out of your move and get in contact with your local, friendly professionals for help and advice. With over 90 years of experience within the industry you can put your trust in us to provide seamless services and competitive prices. Call today; we operate throughout Lincoln, Newark and the surrounding areas.

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