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Moving House Timescales Explained

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This is the burning question that every homeowner wants to know, however, the problem is, it’s also one of the hardest ones to answer. Here is a ballpark figure: moving house can take anywhere from six weeks to three months, or longer depending on circumstances. Although that doesn’t narrow it down too far, our experts are here to break down the moving process into more easily identifiable sections, hopefully making things a little clearer for you.


Selling your current house

Although selling your home and finding a new one tend to happen concurrently, perhaps selling your current home is the number one priority. If you, like many, are in a chain, then the whole process will certainly take longer.
But just how much longer? Selling your current home can take anywhere from four to ten weeks, depending on which route you go down. If you go through an estate agent, which is probably the safest bet, your home will be marketed better and snapped up a little quicker.


Finding your new home

Certainly the most fun part of the moving process is finding a new property. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, but this will ultimately come down to the state of the market at the time. Also finding a home takes time in itself because every individual has their own needs and requirements that need to be met when finding a new home. It will also depend on where you are looking, too. Properties in the city will sell a little quicker due to the younger demographic which tend to move more often. In rural areas, though, houses are bought and sold at a much slower rate.


Organising a mortgage

Once you’ve found your dream home, you will need to need to make an offer through the estate agent. Once accepted, (which can take a couple of weeks depending on how much bargaining you intend to do) it’s time organise a mortgage.
After speaking to a broker or lender to sort your application, you will need to give them paperwork which clearly states your income and outgoings.


Conveyancing and property survey

Once this has all been accepted, you will need to sort conveyancing, i.e., the contract, local searches and the purchase of your new home orchestrated by a property solicitor. This process can take between four to twelve weeks from the outset and should be put in motion as soon as you make an offer. Following this, you will need to get a building survey completed, not to worry though, this should only take a week or so.


Moving in

Finally, the big day. This will largely depend on the extent of your belongings, but this can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks to be fully settled in.

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