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5 Useful Tips for an Office Relocation

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If you’re getting ready for an office relocation, you’ll know that the goal is to get to your new premises and resume operations with minimal disruption, ensuring that every eventuality is prepared for. While this isn’t the easiest task, a bit of planning before and during the move will certainly contribute to its success. To help you with your planning, here are 5 useful reminders to make sure that you cover all of the bases.

  • Start your planning early

Any sort of move should be planned thoroughly, and this is even more important when it comes to commercial moves. We would suggest that you start planning around three to four months in advance, ensuring that you have time to work through every aspect of the process.

  • Work out a time frame

You should start your planning by working out exactly when all of your tasks need to be completed by and setting the final move out date. Realistically, you will probably need a few days to actually move out depending on how much you have to move, so keep that in mind. Once the date is set, work backwards and make a list of all of the things that you’ll need to do before the moving vans arrive.

  • Consider a moving committee

Keeping staff abreast of the moving process is important, so consider setting up a moving committee to help you organise the move and make the transition for the rest of your employees as easy as possible. With a committee, you can assign tasks to individuals as they pop up, and help you stay on top of what could well be a long, sprawling list.

  • Set up an internal communications plan

While a moving committee will help to keep staff in the know, you want to make sure that each employee knows what’s going on right the way through to moving day. An internal communications plan, which could simply be regular email updates, will keep your staff properly informed, ensuring that they’re ready for moving day.

  • Create a new office layout

It’s never easy moving into a new space, especially when the floorplan is completely different to your current one. However, it’s got to be done. Make sure that you study the new floorplan carefully – or take actual measurements, if possible – so you can plan exactly how offices will be divided and furniture arranged in your new office.

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