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Downsizing Tips: How to Move to a Smaller Property With Ease

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Whether money is a bit tight or you just fancy a home that’s a little cosier, downsizing is commonplace. For some people, though, downsizing isn’t about either of those things – it’s just about making a stand against the sort of maximalist consumerism which has defined much of this century so far. In this sense, downsizing allows us to live a life that’s simpler and, in many ways, less stressful.

What isn’t always stress-free, however, is the process of downsizing itself. A hard-headed cull of your possessions is difficult for even the least sentimental among us, but don’t worry – we’re here to help! For our 3 top downsizing tips, read on.

  • Planning and tracking

When attempting to strip back our lives, it can be baffling to learn just how little we use many of the items on our list of belongings. If you want to find out yourself, start tracking what you use. Simply make a note on your phone of what you use on a daily basis, whether it be clothes, appliances or any other miscellaneous items that you use, and start to gather some information over a few weeks.

  • Never duplicate

If you’re moving into a smaller home, especially if you’re moving in with someone else and combining two households, the last thing you want to do is double up on things. That is, if you’ve both brought sets of dishes, flatware, glasses – or worse – large items like chairs, desks and sofas – you’re going to have a very hard time giving them temporary accommodation in your home. This is where having a home inventory comes in handy. Make sure that both of you sit down before you move so you know exactly who’s going to bring what, this way, your moving day won’t look like an interior decorator’s version of Noah’s Ark.

  • Be ruthless

Once you’ve worked out exactly what you do and don’t use, it’s time to be ruthless. Make three separate lists: ‘must haves’, ‘can live without’ and ‘will be replaced’. Anything on the first list you can set about either selling, giving away or binning immediately. However, the items on the second list may need a bit more thought. In some cases, it may simply be best to replace those items with smaller versions. For example, a fifty inch widescreen television might not be the best fit for your new, smaller home.


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