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A Guide to Moving to Lincoln

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If you’re after a change and are looking to up sticks and try life in a brand new place, you can’t choose much better than Lincoln. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of cities engulfed in the rat race, Lincoln offers much for those looking for a unique, beautiful and less stressful place to call home.

We believe that Lincoln is the place to be in the UK, so we’ve made some notes about why Lincoln should be a strong candidate for your next big move.


Natural beauty

If you’ve ever taken a train into Lincoln you’ll have no doubt noticed the vast stretch of natural beauty which surrounds it in every direction. The countryside in and around Lincoln is diverse and offers much for any intrepid hiker with a sense of discovery. There are some spectacular vistas to see around the county and the city of Lincoln is in a perfect spot, nestled right in the heart of the splendorous Lincolnshire countryside. Imagine waking up to the sun shining across the wide open skies above the vast, picturesque land every morning.

If you’ve spent most of your time in built-up urban zones, it will be an inspiring, transformative change to become acquainted to the beauty of Lincoln.


Rich heritage

While Lincoln is one of the UK’s fastest growing cities, a deep spirit of history and heritage runs through it. Take a walk up 2012’s ‘street of the year’, Steep Hill – the most aptly named street if there ever was one – to immerse yourself in the city’s history. Lincoln Castle, the Medieval Bishop’s Palace and, of course, Lincoln Cathedral are all at the summit, offering not only a relaxing way to spend a lazy Sunday, but also some of the most striking architecture Lincoln has to offer.

The area around the Castle and Cathedral is a peaceful selection of narrow, winding streets, where every nook and cranny is filled with tea shops, book stores and many an independent retailer who has settled and found their niche in the historical uphill area of Lincoln. You’ll be able to find many an interesting item on offer to complement the area’s unique feel, and to make your new place really feel like home.


Modern appeal

The historical side of Lincoln sits side by side with the newer, more modern developments of the city. Uphill may embrace the quiet, restful atmosphere of its historical surroundings, but downhill Lincoln is where the action is. This is where you’ll find the high street shops you’d expect from a modern city. Waterside shopping centre offers the city’s only covered shopping precinct, while the Brayford Waterfront contains the bars, pubs and restaurants you need to make for a lively night out.

Much of the modern appeal of Lincoln emanates from the waterfront area, with its fashionable marina setting becoming a popular lure for students. Indeed, The University of Lincoln is situated idyllically along the waterside of Brayford Pool, the heart of Lincoln’s regeneration in recent years.

Lincoln is doing a fine job of keeping up with the times, creating a contemporary hub while preserving its past, and has something to offer everyone because of it.


Plenty to see and do

Despite its humble atmosphere and setting, Lincoln is bursting with unique attractions and opportunities that may surprise you.

Lincoln caters to creative artistry and innovation, offering workspace for many different creative businesses including: photographers, graphic designers, artists and stone carvers. The Terrace in Lincoln offers 50 serviced workshops, studios and offices and has become a real hub for those with a creative bent and passion for success.

Conference and meeting rooms are available at The Terrace, with its striking design – glass walkways link its three distinct blocks – making for an ideal, contemporary meeting space. If you’re looking to reignite a creative spark, Lincoln definitely has the fuel for you.

Being in the heart of Lincolnshire, the city of Lincoln enjoys access to many of the county’s attractions. The Red Arrows are based nearby and can often be seen flying overhead, while the coast is only an hour away, perfect for summer weekend adventures.

Lincoln also boasts one of Europe’s most impressive Christmas markets, with over 250 stalls nestled in the medieval square and the surrounding area. The historic setting of the market makes for a spectacular festive sight and will make for a first Christmas to remember as you settle into your new home town.


Expert house removals

Of course, if you’re planning a move to Lincoln you need to be sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible to make the change stress free and easy. That’s where we come in. Barnes of Lincoln have supplied expert house removals for five generations and are the perfect choice to help you get settled into your new Lincoln home.

We make sure that your possessions are transported safely and efficiently from all across the UK. No one knows Lincoln like Barnes of Lincoln, so if youve decided that Lincoln is the place for you, dont hesitate to get in touch today and we’ll make sure that your move is the right one.

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