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Moving your Piano: Why you should leave it to the professionals

piano removals

Moving a piano is a tough job, with most weighing several hundred pounds at the least. Attempting to move your piano yourself or with a few friends can lead to serious injury – either to you or the piano itself.

Here at Barnes of Lincoln, our experienced team are able to expertly move your piano in a safe and controlled manner, and we always recommend you enlist the services of professionals for moving yours. We’ve listed why below.


Moving a piano without the proper experience will lead to damage to the item more often than not. Not only are pianos extremely heavy, but their cumbersome shape makes the logistics of moving them through doors and passageways difficult. Without professional training, the piano could be dropped or scraped against walls – causing damage to both the piano and the house it’s being moved out of!

To save your expensive piano and to protect your home from harm, leave moving your piano to the professionals for guaranteed safety.


Likewise, attempting to move a piano can also lead to injury to the people moving it, not just the furniture around it. Pianos weigh several hundred pounds, and can easily injure someone if dropped or handled incorrectly – untrained movers can quickly hurt their backs from improper lifting. Our team here at Barnes of Lincoln are trained how to correctly handle pianos to ensure no one gets hurt.

Why use a professional removals company?

Choosing a professional piano removals company such as Barnes of Lincoln is the best option when looking to transport your piano. Entrusting your item with an experienced team has many benefits, including:

  • Experienced handlers
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Less chance of damage to the piano
  • Local and national removal options
  • Standard liability cover to all customers
  • Piano storage for both short and long term stays

For more information on the services we offer across Lincoln & Newark, or for a free quote, contact our friendly team today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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