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Home Removals Checklist

Even before you have settled on a moving date, if you know you are going to be moving house you should make sure you’re as prepared as possible as far ahead in advance as you can. With this handy little home removals checklist you can ensure you get the major things right in the time leading up to your move.


The first thing you should be doing, even if you don’t exactly know when you’ll get to move into your new place, is to de-clutter. Over time everyone accumulates things they don’t need and the less stuff you have to pack and organise for the removals team the less you will have to worry about. Now is the time to go to a car boot sale or offer up possessions which you won’t need for the new house to family and friends. Perhaps you are buying a new television for your new home; would your old set be of use to someone else so you don’t have to take it wherever you’re moving?

Book the time off – and the movers!

If you can narrow down the point at which you’ll be moving to a handful of days you should book the time off work. There is nothing more stressful than having a home you’ve only half moved into only to have to go to work. When it comes to moving it’s always best to get home removals experts in; they can handle the packing, heavy lifting and safe transit of your goods, if you leave it too late you may have to rely on family and friends who may or may not have the time to help. A good house removals firm should also be able to offer you storage if you need it.


During the stress of a move it can be easy to forget that there are lots of people who need your new address. Not only will your family need to know but you should also think about schools, doctors, dentists and places of work that all need your details on file. Beyond those you should also consider getting in touch with utility providers so they know when to stop billing you and where to forward mail to – in fact you can get a special mail forwarding system in place from the post office for a small fee.

Colour code

A small but very helpful tip is to colour code your packing. This can be a great help to both you and the movers when putting boxes in the right room. Then when you come to unpack you know what goes where – plus missing items are easier to locate in what would otherwise be chaos.


It might be the last thing on your mind when moving from your old house to your new house, but before the removal team brings your possessions in you might consider giving the property a once over. Whether you’re moving into a new build or an older property, if you can get a quick clean in before the boxes and large furniture is moved in then you’ll see the benefit. The last thing you want is to notice dirt, dust or grime which has built up while the new property was empty and not have the tools or the room to clean.

Our checklist is by no means exhaustive; these are just five of the most important things. With our years of experience and our resources we aim to make any house removals as smooth as possible, taking care of as many details as possible to take the stress out of your move. We offer removals, packaging and storage so to find out more or to talk about your options then give us a call today.

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