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Moving House – Top Tips For Decluttering

If you didn’t know it already, moving house can be a stressful ordeal. You’re essentially uprooting from a place you’ve no doubt made comfortable and now need to adapt to your life in your new home. Not all homes are the same size however, and you might find that you don’t have quite as much space as you once imagined. On the other hand you might have more space, but simply don’t want the same level of clutter and junk in your new home.

Moving house is an excellent time to declutter your possessions. We all have more things than we actually need and it can be a real pain to move all of those things from one home to another. So why not start afresh with our top tips for decluttering.

Categorise Your Things

Initially it might be hard to see the wood for the trees, making it hard to identify what is clutter and what is not. The first thing you should do is categorise you items. Go to each room and box up the things which will be specific to the rooms in your new house. Kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room and dining room should all have dedicated boxes. The items which don’t fall into these categories should be put aside so that you can decide whether you will actually need them in your new home.

moving house - declutter

Charity Shops & Car Boots

The things which you decide you don’t need in your new home might still be of use to other people, so if you’re feeling generous you can donate items to charity shops – these places always gratefully take in books, DVDs, CDs, games and clothes to help boost funds for a good cause.


If you’re feeling a little bit strapped for cash after purchasing your home, you might want to consider a car boot sale instead. This is a great way of making a few pounds back from the things you don’t want anymore. Check out the car boot sites in your local area to find out when the next event is and make sure you book a place early to get the best spot on the day. Alternatively, if early mornings aren’t your thing, you can sell your things with an online auction site instead

Clothes & Shoes

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, clothes can accumulate without you ever really noticing. It’s easy to fill up your wardrobe, but it’s harder to take these things to a new house with you. It’s time to face up to facts, if there are things you haven’t worn in over a year then it’s possible you won’t actually wear them again. In addition to these old clothes, there might be items which no longer fit you, don’t keep them for the sake of it, simply bag them up and donate them to a charity. Most towns have a clothes bank and you might even get charity bags through your door for collection in your area.

Make Use Of Storage

Still got items left over which you can’t part with? The best solution for keeping things which you don’t really need in your new home is to take up a self-storage unit. You can usually find good rates and easy access for any valuable collections or seasonal items. This way you can reduce the clutter in your home but still keep hold of the things you want to keep.

If you’re moving home and need self-storage services, then look no further than Barnes of Lincoln. We have a variety of storage options for you to choose from and can compliment this with our removals services. Contact us today for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

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