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Top Tips for Packing Fragile Items

packing fragile items

One of the most intensive aspects of the moving process is getting all your loose possessions properly packed and ready to go. It can be tempting to rush and bundle your belongings without much careful thought, and while this might save some time, you’ll likely end up with more than a few breakages on your hands.

To avoid any nasty surprises, it’s important to take the time and pack your fragile items with care. In this article, we’re sharing some top tips to help keep your possessions as safe as possible throughout your move.

Take your time

Accidents happen when you don’t take care. Try to plan your move so you have enough time to give everything the proper attention. Instead of waiting to the last minute to figure out how to pack your breakables, go through your home and start packing your most valuable fragile items well in advance. Antiques, or belongings that you don’t use day-to-day, can be put out of mind right away, so start with those.

Bulkier items will naturally take more time to pack than smaller, more manageable ones, so it might be worth taking a few days to focus on these to make sure they are properly prepared. As long as you take your time and account for all of your fragile possessions, the chances of them becoming damaged during your move will be substantially lower.

Use different techniques for different items

Fragile items can include a huge variety of belongings, ranging from small glassware to electronics, pictures, antiques, plates and more. You’ll probably find that you have more fragile goods than you expect, and you should always keep in mind that each one requires a certain kind of treatment.

Glassware should be wrapped in packing paper, individually. Heavy glass items should be packed along the bottom of the box, with lighter or smaller objects making up the top layer. Be careful not to overload boxes with glassware. You can fill empty spaces in the box with more packing paper or bubble wrap, so the glass doesn’t move or clatter during transit.

Plates can be a real headache during any move, and are arguably the most fragile objects you will need to take with you. Plates should be wrapped, in packing paper or bubble wrap, and placed vertically in a box which is layered with packing materials along the bottom and top. Extra material can be inserted between the plates, and boxes shouldn’t be overloaded. Fragile items do take more time to pack, and might require more boxes than other possessions, but this will keep them safe throughout the move.

Electronic equipment, such as computer parts for example, can be wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed up in extra layers of protection, be it from crumpled packing paper or more bubble wrap. Some fragile electronic equipment comes placed in foam molds or with framework in their original packaging. If you have saved original boxes for your electronics, it may be best to use these for moving day.

fragile boxes

Label your boxes

Once all your breakables are packed up, make sure the boxes are marked properly so you, or your movers, know which ones should be handled with extra care. Make labels clearly visible on more than one side of the box, and specify what is in which box and in which room they belong. This will help you plan the order of the move, as well as deciding where certain boxes are placed on the removal van.

Consider storage

If you’re pressed for time or space in the run up to your move, or if you’d like some of the more awkward fragile items out of the way before moving day, a professional storage service might be ideal

Self storage or furniture storage are both safe and secure ways of keeping your fragile possessions free from harm until the move takes place. You can also keep your antiques or valuables stored until after the move, if you don’t fancy dealing with them with the rest of your household belongings, and retrieve them when you have the time. Storage is a flexible and reliable way of handling your fragile goods, and is definitely worth considering.

Hire professional movers

By far the easiest way of ensuring the total safety of all of your belongings is by hiring a removals company to do the packing for you. Professional movers will employ the proper packing techniques and materials for every item, and will ensure safe handling of your belongings before, during and after transit. A removals company makes packing a stress-free experience, leaving you the time to focus on other things.

Barnes of Lincoln provide a comprehensive home removals service to customers throughout Lincoln, Newark and beyond. Our experienced and friendly team of movers are dedicated to the safety of your fragile belongings, and will take personal care throughout the move. We can also supply specialised packing materials, including a range of cartons, bubble wrap, linen bags and more. Fore more information on all of our services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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