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Moving House at Christmas: How to Make it Stress Free

moving house at christmas

Going through the moving process is widely known to be an incredibly stressful experience, but moving home at Christmas time is about as stressful as you can get! Not only do you have to plan the move itself, but you also have to contend with the obligations and obstacles of the festive season.


This might sound like a lot of pressure, but there are some things you can do to relieve the stress of a Christmas move, and help make the first Christmas in your new home a merry one for all.


Plan ahead

It’s smart advice in general, but planning ahead becomes even more important during Christmas time. Ideally, you’ll want to time the move so it lands before the last couple of weeks of December, so you have enough breathing space before the festivities really begin.


It’s helpful to get a moving date locked in early, so if it looks like things are starting to delay or get held up, keep yourself informed and involved so you can get a clear idea of when the move is likely to happen.


Change of address

It’s easy to become overwhelmed during the winter, with so many different things to juggle, but notifying the relevant people and companies of your move will help make the transition smoother. Once you know the move date, get in touch with the post office, your utility companies and anyone else who needs to know your whereabouts and give them notice so you don’t have to worry about it later in the month.


Also make sure to tell family and friends – you’ll likely be getting a few Christmas cards so make sure they aren’t sent to the new occupants of your old home instead!


Christmas shopping

Some people will take care of the Christmas shopping months in advance – some even get a lot of it done in the New Year’s sales. While this might be a bit extreme, it’s definitely worth giving yourself enough time to take care of the Christmas shopping before things get too hectic.


If your moving date is set a few weeks or a full month before Christmas, you’ll probably be okay to deal with the shopping after you’ve settled in, but if the move is at all closer to Christmas, you should get it done before.


Obviously, storing all your gifts in your home will add to the amount of packing you need to do, so if you can it’s definitely worth storing your gifts elsewhere until you’ve moved into your new home. Whether you choose to store things with relatives or at a dedicated storage facility, it will help to keep your presents away from the clutter and the rest of your belongings as you prepare them for the move. This way, you’ll also be able to keep gifts away from prying eyes, so as to not spoil any surprises come Christmas day.


Something else to keep in mind: if you’re ordering gifts online make sure you’re using the right delivery address. When making purchases from your new home, make sure to delete your old address from Amazon, eBay etc., and make that your new home is set as the default shipping address, so as to avoid any unnecessary stress or confusion.


Keep Christmas essentials handy

It’s important to remember the spirit of the season, and making your new home feel Christmassy will help you settle in and relax. Pack your Christmas decorations and keep them handy so you can decorate your new home as soon as you’re moved in. To save time and money, it might be worth opting for an artificial tree this year – unless you’re sure you’ve got enough time spare to shop around and set up a real one.


If you’re moving in just days before the 25th, only unpack the essentials to keep you comfortable for a few days. Kitchen equipment, the TV for the kids, and bedroom furnishings are a must, but other than that it’s better to wait until after the celebrations are over. Focus on kitting out the home for Christmas, and get things back to normal once the holiday is done and dusted.


Don’t forget to celebrate the season

In the run up to the move, it’s easy to get caught up in all the plans and logistics. But taking some time out to enjoy the festivities will be a huge stress saver. Go to Christmas shows, parties and get-togethers. Try to keep up any family traditions you might have and keep things fun and festive. It’s easier than you think to make a house move just a part of the Christmas season, instead of letting it take over.


Book a removals company

Of course, the most stress-free way of moving home in busier periods is to use a professional removals company. Remember to book in advance for peace of mind, then you can put your feet up just a little bit more. The heavy lifting and logistics of moving day itself will be taken care of for you, giving you more chance to spend time with your family and focus on some of the demands Christmas might bring, feeling like your very own Christmas miracle.


Barnes of Lincoln have a wealth of experience providing home removals services to moves of any size or scale. We will help take away the stress of a Christmas move by packing, transporting and unloading your possessions for you, with complete professional care at all times. To find out more about Christmas home removals at Barnes of Lincoln, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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