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How Does Self Storage Work?

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Having been around since the 60s, most people know what self storage is about in a general way, but as shown in recent surveys conducted by the Self Storage Association, a lot of people still don’t know how it works – there are even some people who have never actually heard of this service.

With this in mind, this month we’re going to talk you through how self storage works and what the benefits are for people.

What Is Self Storage?

Let’s firstly tackle the question of what self storage actually is and how it works as a service. When you need storage for your excess possessions which you haven’t got the room for, or if you have seasonal items such as garden furniture, you’ll want somewhere secure but also a place which allows you access to your own storage unit.

This is where self storage comes in, presenting you with a unit size suited to your requirements, allowing you to stow away anything from a few boxes of items so as to create space in your home, to protecting furniture during refurbishment work. The key is flexibility and control, you get to choose how long you need the unit for and you’ll be able to regularly access your unit should you need to move more things in or take some things out. You’re no longer at the mercy of a storage company, now you get a service which is tailored to your specific requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Self Storage?

We’ve already touched on what some of the advantages are to the self storage option, some will be obvious even without having to state them. But just to show you how much more you can benefit from self storage, we’ve got a handful of the benefits:

  • Access 6 days a week – With this much access you’ve got plenty of options open to you. You can come at any point to take your things out of storage rather than waiting for an appointment to do so.
  • Security – It’s always tempting to leave your items somewhere else, but that somewhere else is usually not nearly as secure as the dedicated facilities we offer.
  • Flexible length – You can store your things with us as long as you need to by taking out a long term contract, however, you can also get a short term contract for when you only need a temporary solution to your storage needs.
  • Clean facilities – This one speaks for itself, no one wants to leave their possessions somewhere they will be damaged or ruined. Storage facilities offer a clean alternative to stashing things in a damp garage or a dusty loft space.

Who Can Benefit From Self Storage?

Since self storage is so easy to utilise, everyone can benefit. People moving home, people who don’t have enough room at home, people who want to store a collection, people who want garden furniture out of the way, people who have lots of equipment and many more can take up a self storage unit for a length of time to suit them.

Even commercial companies can benefit from a little self storage in the event that they need to hold excess stock somewhere, or if they need to move premises and want somewhere to keep their furnishings or equipment for a temporary period.


At Barnes of Lincoln we provide self storage options for you no matter what your requirements are. Get in touch today to discuss your needs or to arrange your self storage contract.


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