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Tips for Moving House When Pregnant

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Moving House When Pregnant

Even at the best of times moving home can be a stressful job, and when you’re trying to cope with the added pressures of pregnancy at the same time, things can easily become overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, there are plenty steps to take to make your move much smoother so when that new member of the family does arrive, their first home is ready and waiting for them.

Prepare yourself

Before any complex undertaking, planning is often key – and that definitely rings true here. Getting things straight well in advance will make moving day less of a harried frenzy, and more of a simple case of calmly ticking off your checklist.

Even weeks – or months – in advance, you can make preparations to ease the process. Pack away any seasonal clothes or loose items that you know won’t need until you’re already settled in the new place. Clearly label them and put them away until moving day rolls around.

Choosing a removal firm to help you on your way is definitely a smart decision so spend time looking for the right company, and thinking about what the best day to move would be. Typically, the most popular days to move are fridays or around bank holidays, meaning  hiring costs are likely greater on those days. If you can manage a move either early or mid week, book the removal company for then – you might be surprised at the money you can save.

Find a Doctor

If you’re moving to a different city or town and won’t be able to use your current GP or doctor’s surgery, you will certainly want to find one near your new home before you leave to ease the transition. Although you can’t sign up to a new GP without signing your new address in person, there’s nothing stopping you from finding the nearest surgery and making an appointment for when you have moved, allowing you to register once you’ve settled in. Finding a GP beforehand is preferable to scrambling to find one after you’ve moved, and gives you one less thing to worry about during the whole process.

Label everything

Whether you’re packing things yourself, or hiring a firm to do the packing for you, labelling properly will make moving day far more efficient and cut out a large amount of stress and panic. Pack boxes with items from the same room and label the boxes clearly so you don’t end up with a tower of boxes being deposited in one room, leaving you to fend for yourself in trying to figure out which box goes where.

Once you’ve gone through the actual process of getting to your new home, the last thing you want is a mad dash of people scrambling through box after box. A clear labelling system will mean unpacking is far less hectic and much more convenient for everyone.

Accept help

There’s no sense in trying to do everything yourself, and actively turning down help will only make the day worse as it drags on. If you need help with anything before, during and immediately after the move, ask for it! Your health and wellbeing is paramount, so easing the burden as much as possible, in any way, should never be ignored. Friends and family are there for you and will provide physical and moral support whenever you need it, so don’t underestimate how much they can help.

Of course, if you want to eliminate a high percentage of the pressure and stress of moving, a professional removal firm will be most helpful. A removal firm deals with all the heavy lifting, leaving you valuable time to relax and refresh yourself as you need.

Pack an emergency bag

There will be some things you just won’t be able to do without, no matter the time or place. Whether it’s medication, snacks, drinks, clothes, books, a spare emergency phone, or anything else you deem essential, you will want to pack a bag (or bags!) with all immediate necessities to help alleviate stress and make you as comfortable as possible.

Don’t overdo it

Wherever you are in your pregnancy, the energy required for a move can take its toll, and it can be easy to let that get on top of you. As the moving date draws near, give yourself a free day or two to focus on yourself. On the day, make sure to eat well and drink plenty of fluids. If you need to, take some time away from the activity and find a spot to relax, especially if you start feeling over stressed or anxious.

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