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Checklist: Moving to Europe

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moving to Europe

Moving house is a big decision in anyone’s life, and that is all the more true for people deciding to move country. Whether it’s for a job, family, or because you want a complete change of culture and scenery, moving to Europe requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure the move goes smoothly.

Here at Barnes of Lincoln, we’ve helped many customers in their move to Europe, so we know what’s required. We’ve compiled a useful guide for your move to Europe – use this checklist to help you ensure you’re fully prepared for the big moving day!


  • Research your location – If you haven’t already decided where you’re moving to, this is the obvious place to start! Once you know where in Europe you are moving to, research the local area. Find out about hobbies and clubs that interest you, local bars, schools for your children, and even think about visiting the location a few times to get used to it before making the final move.
  • Learn the language – Learning the language of your new home is essential to ensuring you settle in quickly and make friends with local people, not just British expats like you!
  • Passports – Check that none are expired or due to expire in the next six months.
  • Removals – Here at Barnes of Lincoln we know that our calendar can get filled up quickly, so book a moving date with your removals company early on to avoid disappointment.

1 month before leaving:

  • Travel – Confirm your travel arrangements with the applicable parties – airline, ferry, taxis etc to ensure everything is in place for the move.
  • Accommodation – If you will not be travelling directly to your new home, booking a hotel or alternative accommodation in advance is a good idea, allowing you to relax knowing you have a place to sleep at the end of a busy moving day.
  • Medical – Inform your doctor and dentist of your move, and obtain your medical records for your new medical practice. Don’t forget to also apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which covers you for emergency health care in Europe.
  • Council – Notify your local council of your move so your name can be updated on the electoral register, and they can arrange any changes in tax.

2 weeks to go:

  • Insurance – Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover you for a move abroad, including cover for any items lost or damaged in transit.
  • Packing – If you have not already started, with two weeks to go you should be packing up everything you are taking with you. Create an inventory and label boxes to help you find belongings easier once you reach your destination.
  • Dismantle – Being organised will make the moving day go far smoother, so use this time to dismantle larger items of furniture ready for the removals company. We offer a wide range of packing materials to ensure your items stay safe when travelling – talk to our tea about obtaining the right materials for you.
  • Utilities – Organise for utilities to be cancelled when you leave, including internet, phone providers, gas, electricity and water.

1 week:

  • Clear out – In the week before your move, begin clearing your house of any unwanted items and tidying it up. This includes clearing the fridge and freezer, hoovering floors and dusting up any cobwebs.
  • Documents – Collect and photocopy all important documents, including passport, insurance documents, flight details, house deeds to your new home.
  • Confirm – Confirm the moving date once more with your removals company to make sure everyone is ready to go, reducing your stress on the day.
  • Pack – Now that most of your belongings are packed up, you can begin putting together a travel bag of essentials to take with you on your flight. This should include changes of clothing and any important possessions that you will need in the first day and night.
  • Neighbours – Notify your neighbours of the move so that the removals van can get to your home on the day.

Moving day:

  • Double check – Once all your boxes have been loaded up, give all the rooms in the house a double check to make sure nothing has been forgotten.
  • Power – Turn off the power and utilities in your home ready for when the next owner arrives.
  • Children – If you have children, arrange for them to be looked after by a trusted relative or friend whilst the removals company are loading your belongings. This will take them out of harm’s way and allow you to focus on the move rather than worry about them.

When it comes to providing support for a stress free move overseas, our experienced team here at Barnes of Lincoln have got you covered. Our experience in the removals industry has allowed us to offer an efficient European removals service that ensures your belongings reach their destination in a secure manner.

For more information, or to discuss your upcoming move to Europe, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide a free, no obligation quote for your move, or any further assistance you may need.

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