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Preparing furniture for moving house

One of the biggest potential causes for stress on your moving day is the safe transportation of your furniture. It’s easy for furniture to be damaged, scratched or even broken if it is not packed correctly, so taking care to prepare it beforehand is essential.

You can follow our tips below when packing for a move, or to make things even easier, our expert removals team here at Barnes of Lincoln can do all the hard work for you!

Declutter your Home

Moving home is a perfect time to get rid of any unwanted clutter, giving you a fresh start with the new house. Be ruthless with any items of furniture just taking up space; you can donate furniture you no longer need to a charity shop.

Use Self-Storage

When it comes to packing up your entire home, it’s likely that you’ll come across a few well-loved but forgotten items. It may be the case that you no longer need some pieces of furniture, but you would rather keep hold of it for the future. In this situation, self-storage may be your best option; it’s a cost friendly method of storing your possessions safely until you need them. Plus, it saves you having to dismantle furniture that won’t even be used in your new home!

Dismantle Furniture

Dismantling your furniture where possible will make it far easier to transport and pack away. It will also help prevent damage that could be caused by being placed against walls. If you have the original manual and box, use this to dismantle the furniture and store it securely.

Keep in mind any small objects that could be lost, and store these in labelled ziplock bags to ensure you’ll be able to reassemble the furniture correctly when you arrive at your new home.

Wrap Objects

The best way to ensure your furniture is not damaged or scratched during the move is to wrap it in protective coverings such as dust sheets, mattress covers or bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is highly effective for protecting delicate wood pieces or fragile items such as mirrors which are likely to break if not handled correctly.

You can also purchase sofa and mattress covers to protect upholstery, however blankets or sheets will also work as covers to protect the furniture.

Pack the Van Correctly

The last thing you want after all that effort is to find your furniture is damaged because it wasn’t packed correctly in the van! Ensure light items are not placed under heavy ones, and that every box is full to avoid them collapsing. You can tie down heavy items with bungee cords or straps to ensure they do not shift in transit and damage surrounding items.

Here at Barnes of Lincoln, our experts are trained to pack and transport your belongings to ensure they arrive safely. We provide free, no obligation, quotations so our team can assess exactly what needs moving, and pack belongings in purpose built cartons to ensure they aren’t damaged in transit.
Contact us today for more information; we’re always happy to help.

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