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How To Choose the Best Storage Company

Storage is needed for a wide range of reasons.  Whether you’re moving house, downsizing, or need somewhere to keep important documents, among other things, you need to know that the storage company you choose is not only safe, secure, flexible and reliable, but that they can provide you with a long or short term storage solution at the right price.

Finding the right company to store your personal items, heirlooms or documents can sometimes be difficult.  They need to be trustworthy, experienced and be able to provide just what you need.  There are so many companies who offer just that, so how do you know which storage company is the best for you?

What Do You Need to Store?

It’s always a good idea to decide just what you need storage for in the first place.  Is your office or shop being renovated?  Do you need somewhere to keep those items that are key to your business, such as office furniture, important documents, stock and products, and other fixtures and fittings?

Perhaps you’re moving home or downsizing.  In which case, you might be looking for somewhere to store items of furniture that are precious to you, but which you no longer have the room for.  Or perhaps you’re having some building work done, and need a safe, temporary home for your belongings.

Whatever you’re looking to store, and whatever the reason, ensure that the company you choose can offer you adequate storage space at their facility, and that your items will not only be secure, but also safe from damp and pests.

Length of Storage

Many storage facilities offer both long and short term solutions, so it’s best to ask your chosen company and find out whether they have a minimum or maximum period of use.

Short term storage is a great choice if your home or commercial premises is being decorated or renovated, or if you’re a student looking for somewhere to keep your belongings during the summer.  Alternatively, long term storage is perfect if you’re going abroad, or if you need somewhere to store furniture or heirlooms that no longer have a place in your property.

It’s always advisable to speak to your chosen storage company to discuss your requirements, and any conditions that may be in place for your needs – as well as to finalise prices.

Security Features

Storage facilities can be used to house almost any type of item or document, and these can have both sentimental and monetary value.  It’s therefore vital that the company you choose has adequate security features in place, so that only authorised personnel can access your items, and so that the facility is not a target for thieves.

There are a wide range of security features available for storage facilities, including those specially designed for storing sensitive documents and valuable items, so make sure you find out just what features your chosen company have in place to keep your belongings secure.

Barnes of Lincoln

At Barnes of Lincoln, we’ve been providing storage facilities for a number of years, so have a wealth of experience to draw on when it comes to providing a safe and secure storage solution for our domestic and commercial clients.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team have what it takes to provide you with advice as to the most suitable storage solution for your needs, and will be happy to load your belongings into our specially designed containers at your property or commercial premises.

We offer document storage, self-storage and furniture storage on both a long and short term basis.  We’re committed to ensuring that your items and documents are safe and secure at all times, which is why we provide only you with access under the Data Protection Act 1998.  You’ll have complete control over who can and can’t access your stored items, documents and records, and they’ll be kept safe behind an electronic guard system and continuous monitoring for your peace of mind.

So if you’re in Lincoln or Newark and are looking for a reliable, secure and safe local storage facility, let us take care of it for you at Barnes of Lincoln.

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