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Packing Tips for Moving Difficult Belongings

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Moving house is one of those rare tasks that manages to be stressful and mundane in equal measure, and no part of the moving experience exemplifies this better than packing. Packing requires patience, accuracy and many, many boxes if we want the process to run smoothly but, sometimes, even this isn’t enough. This is because at some point during the process we will have to negotiate the removal of large, awkward objects. Pianos, beds, artwork – this article will discuss what can be done to make removing these objects from your home that little bit easier.


Not the largest, not the heaviest, but probably the most valuable, artwork should be ferried with the utmost care, especially considering that it will depreciate wildly if damaged. So, here are some tips to handle your artwork:

  • Your approach needn’t differ for framed and frameless pieces.
  • Tape sheets of cardboard to the front and back of the of the frame to provide the first layer of protection.
  • Following this, wrap the cardboard several times in bubble wrap, making sure that with each wind the bubble wrap is kept taut.
  • Finally, place the artwork in a box too large for the frame, allowing plenty of room for extra padding. Filling out the box can be done with scrunched-up packing paper, or a generous scattering of styrofoam popcorn.


Not many households will have this problem, however, if yours does, it could be one of your most difficult removal tasks. Pianos are large, awkward, heavy and delicate – in short, a nightmare to move. In light of this, we would strongly advise against trying to move it yourself. Instead, it is much better to leave this sort of task to professionals. Professional piano movers have the experience to negotiate tight corners, tricky staircases and all manner of other piano-unfriendly areas.

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Plants can be extremely tricky to relocate; they must be kept upright, safe and at the the right temperature to ensure survival. So, in order to help you achieve this, here are some tips for packing plants:

  • Re-pot them in plastic plant pots to reduce weight.
  • Make sure there are no pests on the plant before packing.
  • Pack your plants individually to avoid them smothering each other.
  • Poke little holes in the box in which you pack the plants, enabling them to breathe.
  • Unpack them as soon as they reach their destination!


That kingsize bed might have seemed like a great idea when you moved in, but we bet it’s not quite so appealing now that you need to get it out again. Luckily, things like beds and sofas can usually be dismantled with relative ease – providing that you keep the various bags of screws that it came with, that is! If it can’t be dismantled, however, then make sure that you strip away everything that you can and plan the route carefully.

Barnes of Lincoln provide expert home removals throughout the UK. Our movers are highly trained and will work to your specifications, making sure that all belongings are packed, handled and transported as safely and efficiently as possible. We even have an overseas removal service! So, if you need a friendly, hard-working removal firm that will follow your instructions to the letter, contact us today.


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