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The Ultimate Guide to Self Storage

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Self storage facilities can cater to a host of requirements, whether you need to temporarily store a few possessions, or are looking for a long term storage option for the contents of your home.

Choosing the right facility for your requirements is important in order to ensure you are getting the appropriate space and security for your money, so here at Barnes of Lincoln we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to self storage and finding the suitable facility for you.

What to look for?

When opting to use a self storage facility for your items, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Key factors include:

Security – When storing your belongings, you want to be sure that will be kept safe in the facility. Look for CCTV-monitoring, and lockable access to the site, and secure storage units that you feel confident will keep your belongings safe.

cctv for storage

Access options – If you will be wanting to access your items frequently, it is important to make sure that you will be able to do so. Some facilities may have policies that require you to call ahead before accessing your unit, or are only open at certain times, so if you require 24/7 instant access then confirming this first is necessary.

Size – Make sure that the self storage company has the facilities to store your items – whether you just have a few belongings to store, or a large amount. Picking the appropriately sized unit for your requirements will also ensure you are not spending more money than necessary.

Quality – When storing your items, you want to be confident that they will be kept secure and in same condition as when you put them in the unit. Look for clean, dry facilities that will provide adequate protection for your belongings – ventilation is also ideal to ensure your unit will not attract damp or mould.


What will I need?

You’ll need to organise a few things before moving your items into a self storage unit. Follow our handy checklist below to make sure you have everything that you may need:

ID – You should bring at least two forms of ID with you when accessing your self storage unit, but two is ideal. This should be in the form of a photographic ID such as your passport or driving license, and proof of address such as a bank statement or utility bill.

Padlock – Bring your own padlock to secure your belongings in your self storage unit to guarantee that you have sole access to your items at all times.

Credit or debit card – You will need a credit or debit card for your initial payment and deposit, with direct debit an option for easier payment if you require the unit for a long period of time.

Insurance – To ensure your belongings are safe, enquire about the facilities insurance policies and fire protection. It is essential to make sure that your items are protected in the case of a fire, damage, or even in the rare chance of theft, at their replacement value.

Emergency contact – You will need to provide us with an emergency contact name and number in case of emergency – make sure you provide a number that you or a close relative/friend can be reach on at all times.


We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive storage options for a range of purposes here at Barnes of Lincoln, catering to short and long term storage requirements with units in a range of sizes at competitive prices.

Our secure facilities guarantee that your belongings are safe with us, stored in purpose built facilities that only authorised personnel can enter. For more information, simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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