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Packing Advice for Moving Your Family Abroad

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Moving house in the UK is already a stressful experience, let alone moving abroad. Now, imagine doing that with children in tow. It’s hardly a recipe for a smooth, hassle-free house move. In a bid to help, Barnes of Lincoln have come up with some hints and tips for a stress-free move abroad with your family.


Get a Shipping Quote

Like with most of the tips that will be presented in this article, this should be done in plenty of time. You need to be organised, perhaps more so than if you were moving to somewhere else in the UK. Ensure you use a reputable, reliable and professional international removals firm. They need to be trustworthy and informative, ensuring you’re always kept in the loop. They should also be able to inform you about shipping restrictions, as well as transporting your car to your new destination.

Try and get multiple quotes from lots of different companies, but remember, the cheapest firm may not be the best one. It’s also highly recommended that the international removals company pack your belongings into the container for you, as they’ll be highly experienced, packing your items in such a way that they won’t get damaged in transit. They’ll also be insured by the removals firm.


Check Your Baggage Allowance

AirplaneIf you aren’t sure what you’ll be able to take with you, contact the airline; they’ll be able to tell you what your baggage allowance is to stop you from overpacking. It may be the case that your airline allows more suitcases than you’d otherwise expect, something which can be taken advantage of when you have a hefty load to bring across the border. Be sure to pack essential items and check that all your luggage will fit into your car at the other end.


Consider Education Options


Finding a suitable school for your child(ren) is a major priority, whether you’re looking to stay living in the UK or not. But when moving abroad, it’s important to note the following things:

  • If your move isn’t permanent, it would be better to choose a school that has a curriculum which is similar to the one back home.
  • Older children can’t adapt as easily as younger children can, both in learning new languages and progressing their way through the school curriculum.
  • Waiting lists will be longer for the best schools, so make sure names are on there as early as possible.
  • Location and distance is an important factor when choosing a school abroad. Do some research, is there a safe mode of public transport your child(ren) can use, or would you be happy to drive them? Will they be able to safely walk there? These are all factors to be taken into consideration.
  • School hours can differ from country to country, so make sure you’re privy to those times.


Look into Health Insurance


The health of your family is fundamental, and so protecting them and ensuring you have adequate cover is a huge priority. If you have medical insurance, it may not be valid overseas. You can find more information here, or look up a country-by-country guide to find out which rules apply to your destination.



Barnes of Lincoln are proud to be able to offer international and European removals to our customers. We utilise contacts that have been acquired over 45 years of international shipping, ensuring your belongings reach their destination efficiently and safely and at a highly competitive rate. Our team of experts are able to carry out all packing and storage on your behalf, helping you and your family to have a stress-free, smooth move to your new home. For more information about the services we offer and the products we sell, contact us today – we’re always happy to help.


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