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A Guide on Packing Materials for Moving House

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So the paperwork is signed, you’ve paid the fees and you have the keys. All that’s left to do now is move in. But packing away all of your belongings can be somewhat of a daunting task, especially when you don’t have the appropriate materials. But worry not, as we’re here to help.


Cardboard Boxes

Boxes are usually everyone’s go to when moving belongings from house to house; they’re strong, sturdy and incredibly spacious. Boxes are also easy to stack (provided it’s done sensibly, such as putting the heaviest boxes at the bottom of the pile) and come in a range of different sizes.


Small boxes are great for transporting small, fragile or light items; they’re perfect for storing videos/DVDs/CDs, books, household items and small, slightly heavy trinkets. Wrap any breakables in bubble wrap or our quality packing paper.


Large boxes are ideal for larger, heavier items. That being said, you could simply pack lots of small items into one box. Everything from kitchen utensils to lampshades, there’ll be room for it in our large cartons.


Wardrobe boxes are perfect for saving time and space when packing up your clothing. Keep them wrinkle free by storing clothes on hangers. Even with your clothing hung up in the box, there’s room underneath for extra articles, such as scarves, blankets or folded jumpers.

Storage boxes

Furniture Covers and Linen Storage

It’s sometimes easy to forget that large items, such as sofa suites and mattresses, also need transporting to your new place of residence. But what can you do to protect them? We recommend using furniture covers to look after your sofas and armchairs whilst in transit. For those who don’t wish to pack clothes away in cardboard boxes, specially designed linen bags are the way to go.


Mattress covers will offer your mattress complete protection whilst it’s in transit. With a little initiative, you could even use these covers for other large items around your home.


Sofa/armchair covers ensures your armchair or sofa remains free from damage whilst transitioning to your new home. Again, these covers could be used to protect other items around your home, saving you time and space when it comes to move-in day.


Linen bags are perfect for transporting clothes, protecting them from snags and tears that could otherwise occur in cardboard or plastic boxes. They’re also easy to pack and transport from place.


Other materials you didn’t know you needed

Often, the small things can make all the difference, especially when moving house. Check out our list of packing bits and pieces you didn’t even know you needed:

  • Packing paper – for wrapping glass items
  • Parcel tape – for securing boxes
  • Bubble wrap – for protecting delicate or breakable belongings
  • Cotton blankets – for lying in between or wrapping up large items (such as paintings)
  • Paper blankets – for separating clothes, especially those made of silk or other delicate fabrics

Packaging materials

What to do with your packing materials after you’ve moved house

It’s always difficult to decide what to do with the boxes and bags you used once you’ve made the move. Here are some of our suggestions regarding what you can do with those leftover materials.


Check the condition the materials are in and whether they’re worth keeping for your next move. They could come in handy for general household storage. You could even put them in your recycling bin, but ensure they’ve been collapsed first. Giving them away is also a viable option if you’d rather not throw them away, or if you’d like to make a small profit, sell them to others who are looking to move house.


Barnes of Lincoln are always on hand to provide our customers with packing materials of exceptional quality and at reasonable prices. Our experienced team of friendly movers take pride in protecting your belongings, ensuring they’re transported from A-B safely and efficiently. Barnes of Lincoln provide a comprehensive home removals service throughout Lincoln, Newark and surrounding areas. For more information, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.


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