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What is the Best Day to Move House?

Young couple moving house, taking a break

When you’re planning your big move, there are plenty of things which you need to get right. One of these is the day on which you move. While you might not think this is the most pertinent issue, if you select the wrong day, you could find that all parties, from the moving team to the solicitors, are extremely busy, making the whole process that bit more stressful. So, to help you avoid this scenario, this month, the Barnes of Lincoln team will be looking at the best dates for you to move home.

  • Middle of the week

Friday is an extremely popular day to move. You have finished work for the week, you don’t need to book time off and you have the weekend to unpack, meaning that, if people are looking to move home, the chances are they will be gunning for Friday. As you can imagine, then, we suggest that you aim for midweek. Yes, you may have to book a day off but – trust us – the stress you save yourself when the move isn’t rushed will be completely worth it.

You’ll also save money, too. Removals companies will be booked well in advance for Friday and the prices will be higher.

  • Middle of the month

The beginning/end of the month is often a very popular time to move, normally because it means that the mover can stay in their rented accomodation for as long as possible in order to save money. Consequently, the middle of the month tends to be a fairly quiet time for removals companies, and an excellent time for you to relocate.

  • Start of the day

Like many tasks, moving normally takes longer than you had initially thought it would – and probably longer than the time that’s been allotted to it, too – so we think that, if you could get your move in at the start of the day, this would be the optimal time. You will have more energy and, importantly, more time to overcome potential setbacks.

  • Avoid holidays!

School holidays are very popular times for people to move house, perhaps because the parents don’t have to worry about school runs on the moving day! For this reason, it’s very like that removals companies and estate agents will be extremely busy. If you don’t have children or you don’t mind the extra juggling, avoiding the school holidays could make your day much less stressful.


Are you planning a big move, but you’re not sure when to book it for? Barnes of Lincoln provide expert home removals all across the UK. Our movers are highly trained and will work to your specifications, making sure that all your belongings are packed, handled and transported as safely and efficiently as possible.We provide only the highest quality service to all our customers no matter the scale of the move, so if you’re in need of a reliable removal firm, get in touch with us today.


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