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The Ultimate Moving Day Survival Kit

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Let’s face it – moving day is as about as stressful as it gets. You have a hundred and one things to do, you have a limited amount of time to do them, and that’s just before you leave; there’s a whole host of new tasks when you arrive. But not to worry, all you need is a little preparation.

As all of your things will be boxed up, it’s just as important to know what to not pack. A good way to prepare, in our eyes, is to create a moving day survival kit, listing every item that you might need – from the necessities to the obscurities – to ensure that the day runs a lot smoother. So, this article will go over the sort of things that you will need to put in it. Good luck!


The essentials

  • Chargers for electrical items: It’s 2017 – the world stops spinning if our phones run out of battery. So, whilst packing make sure that for all electrical items that you use on a daily basis – phones, ipads and kindles – make sure you leave chargers out.
  • First aid kit: You never know when a headache is going to strike, or when a family member is going to have an accident. If the worst does happen, make sure that you are prepared – leave a small first aid kit out in your starter pack.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes: A one-stop-shop for spillages and cleanups on moving day, anti-bac wipes should certainly be in every mover’s survival kit. Whether it’s after your final meal or making the bathroom sparkle, they will be extremely useful.
  • Snacks: Arguably the most important point on the list – snacks. No one wants to move house on an empty stomach, so make sure that you keep some food nearby. Preferably something simple, though, as times for proper meals may be cut short by unforeseen, moving-related events.
  • Bed linen: This is something that you’ll probably want to put on immediately when you arrive. The last thing you need is to hunt through all your bags for it once you’re tired at the end of the day.
  • Water and blankets: These will be useful throughout the day, but also might end up being vital if the water and heating at the new house aren’t switched on. Make sure you pack some just in case.


Other things to consider

  • Kids: Although this is covered in the essentials, food, medicine and clothes have to be sorted for any children.
  • Pets: Got a dog or a cat? Leaving some pet food aside for the day is important. A toy may help, too; it’s a very stressful experience for animals, moving home.
  • Miscellaneous: Toothbrush, cutlery, change of clothes, toiletries, torch, bin liners… there is bound to be one thing that you miss. That said, it’s still worth trying to remember everything that you can!


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Moving Day Survival Checklist by reallymoving

Moving Day Survival Kit from the team at reallymoving

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