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Our Top Tips for Preparing for Your Removals Service

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preparing for your removal company

When you hire a removals company, you unload a great deal of stress. In fact, it can be tempting to sit back and relax completely, letting the removals team go about their business until all your belongings are parked at your next destination. However, we don’t recommend this – if you want your move to run as smoothly as possible, then it’s a good idea to help them out in the process. We don’t mean getting involved with the heavy lifting, but a bit of groundwork could make a big difference. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on how you can prepare for your removals service.


Calculate your belongings accurately

When you alert your removals service to the amount of stuff that you want shipped elsewhere, it’s important that you are as accurate as possible. Although this may seem obvious, it can cause a lot of frustration if the amount is way off the mark. For example, if your belongings don’t fit into the vehicle provided by the removals team and two trips are required, the whole process could become a lot longer and a lot more expensive. So, be diligent when calculating your belongings.


Arrange the moving date wisely

Think about it: when are most people going to want to move house? The weekend. As a result, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be extremely busy days for your removals service, and it’s more than likely that this will have a knock-on effect on your move. Perhaps you can’t get booked in or they’re in a rush on the day, either way, it won’t run as smoothly as it could.

So, if possible, organising the move for a weekday could be a mutually beneficial decision. This may mean booking a day off work, but trust us, the amount of stress avoided will be worth it.


Scope out the parking situation at your new property

This is something that could cause all sorts of problems at the other end of your move. If the removals team pack up all your belongings and drive to your new property only to find that the closest parking space is a mile away, then the process will become much longer and more complex.

To avoid this eventuality, firstly, make sure you check out what parking is available at your new property, noting specific spots closeby where the removals team would have good access. Secondly, make sure you alert your removals service! It’s vital that they get hold of this information so they can act accordingly.


Do your pre-packing!

Last but not least – do your pre-packing. If you asked for a packing service, don’t just leave all your belongings where they are, this will make the whole process a great deal longer. It could also cause some disagreements as to what should be packed with what. Instead, try to assemble groups of items that you would liked to be packed together, and put them somewhere accessible. This way, your removals team can go about their business much more efficiently.

Barnes of Lincoln carry out exemplary home removals throughout the UK. Our teams are highly trained and will work to your exact specifications, ensuring that all your belongings are packed, handled and transported as safely and efficiently as possible. So, if you need a friendly, hard-working removal firm that will follow your instructions to the letter, contact us today.


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