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Office Relocation the Easy Way

The process of moving can be a stressful one whoever you are, when you own a business or are moving commercial property however it becomes even more important that you get everything right. If things don’t run as smoothly as possible you could face unnecessary down time, losing business in the process. Your staff will also be unimpressed if they cannot get the work done or keep open lines of communication.


Move, sell or dispose?

Moving your business to a new location gives you the opportunity to organise what you want to keep, sell or completely dispose of. You don’t want to be taking anything extra with you that you don’t need, if you aren’t going to keep something but it still has value then try to sell it first. After you and your staff have culled your office you will be left with the essentials to move.

Inform and champion

In order to make the move a success you will need to keep your staff or residents well informed. The more notice you give, the more time they have to organise themselves; you won’t want to startle people days before a big move and have them forget things. Champion both the move and anyone involved in the organisation, a positive attitude and organised staff will show you care and help the progression of the move.

IT and tech requirements

Most business and premises rely on modern technology these days, even if all you use is a telephone line, make sure that your new location is ready and set up for your requirements. If you need a certain number of power outlets or a solid internet connection then don’t wait until moving day – get it sorted out before the move begins. This will ensure you can resume normal practices as soon as possible.


The simple process of labelling and organising the things you need to move seems fairly insignificant but it makes an enormous task much easier. When you get to your new location your movers and staff will need to know what is which box and where everything is going to go. Liaise with your planner and the movers to get this right and you could save yourself a lot of time searching rooms and boxes for items you need.

Extra recycling and bins

Just like at home, once you start to clear out and tidy you will find you have more rubbish and recycling than you first expected. Whatever your usual set up is make sure you arrange for extra bins or collections in advance to make sure you aren’t left with a pile of rubbish and recyclables that you can’t get rid of. Once you’ve moved you won’t want to be going back to do more cleaning.


These are just a few top tips for a smooth and hassle free move, there are many more things to consider but if you get these right then you will undoubtedly be on the right path. Choosing a reliable and capable mover is the best way of ensuring you relocate your office smoothly and efficiently, and here at Barnes of Lincoln we provide a comprehensive commercial relocations package, so contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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