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Moving House: Extreme Cases

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When moving house it can be a painstaking process in which you seem to make some of the most important decisions of your life. You have to choose the things you can take with you and the things you’ll leave behind or throw away.

For most people, once a move is complete, with their possessions moved from their old house to their new house, the ordeal is over. But for some people the transference of possessions from one home to another isn’t enough, they have to take the whole house with them.

You might think that this sounds extreme and impossible, and while it is most certainly an extreme measure to take, it is by no means impossible. In fact, there are many people who choose to completely relocate their homes and it’s called Structural Relocation in industry terms.


The Most Famous Case

One particular house relocation in the UK which will stick in memory is that of May Savidge and her heart-breaking tale of defiance. May, born in 1911, was plunged into poverty at a young age. She finally met and settled down with an older man, but before she could marry him, he sadly passed away 1938. In 1947 she purchased a house and withdrew into it to carry out extensive restoration.

The house was a former hall house for a wealthy monk and May set about restoring the cottage all by herself. In 1953 she was told by the council that the house would be demolished to make way for a new road. Rather than give in, she took the house apart herself brick by brick, beam by beam, tile by tile. In 1969 she transported all the components of her house and moved them some 100 miles away to Norfolk where she spent 23 years trying to rebuild the house. She died before the task was completed but luckily her niece took on the task and it now stands as a testament to her determination.

May’s story has many sad elements to it, none more than her perceived reclusiveness. It has since been revealed by her personal letters that after the passing of her fiancée she entered into a 17 year-long courtship with a man who crushed her hopes of marriage once again when he announced that he had found religion and decided to marry his cousin.

Structural Relocation in the USA

The picking up and moving of your home is apparently far more common in the United States, where buildings are often moved by specialist companies to make way for such things as new Walmart branches, new roads and even to avoid the danger of sinkholes.

It’s a delicate process as the utmost care has to be taken not to damage any part of the structure either directly, or through cracking once it has been lifted from its foundations. The specialist companies across the pond make bold claims about preserving homes and taking them across country to new pastures – something not seen quite as much in the UK.

When you simply want to move your possessions and not the whole structure of your home then contact the professional removals company Barnes of Lincoln. We can help ease the stress and hassle of moving home with our dedicated team of movers.

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