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Can I Move House On A Bank Holiday?

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With two bank holidays coming up in May, many people may be looking to this weekends as the perfect time to select as their moving day. The extra day a bank holiday provides can be a huge advantage, however there can also be several setbacks that you may not have thought of.

If you are thinking of moving house on a bank holiday, read through the pros and cons we’ve listed below before making your decision.


  • More time

If you choose to move on the friday before a bank holiday, you will have a whole three days to begin unpacking and settling into your home before returning to work. The extra day will provide you with more time to organise the house and unpack as much as possible, which can help reduce the stress of moving. Living out of boxes whilst trying to maintain your daily routine can be stressful and inconvenient, so taking advantage of some extra time off can be extremely useful.

  • Most popular day to move is friday

Friday is the most popular day to move home, with the weekend providing time to begin organising your new home. Choosing to stick with this day will reduce the chance of disruption in the chain, meaning you’re more likely to have a hassle-free moving day.



Despite the appeal of moving on a three-day weekend, bank holidays can be extremely inconvenient to attempt to move on, with many companies you may need closing and increased traffic on the roads. Some of the cons to moving on a bank holiday include:

  • Solicitors, banks and estate agents may be closed

Bank Holidays may provide you with an extra off of work, but don’t forget that many businesses you may need for the moving day will also be shut! Banks, estate agents, and solicitors may close for the bank holiday weekend, so it is essential that you double check beforehand, or risk finding yourself without important documents for the move.

  • Bank holiday traffic

Bank holidays tend to see an increase in traffic on the roads, which could cause disruption to the removals process – especially if you are relocating far away. If you decide that you will move on the bank holiday, be sure to allow for extra time to travel to your new home.


For more information on the best moving day for your requirements, contact our team here at Barnes of Lincoln. We’ve been providing a reliable removals services for years, so our experienced team are happy to provide advice on the best moving process for your needs.

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